• What is E-Rickshaw?

    Electric Rickshaw is three wheel battery operated vehicles, which are considered as an upgrade to conventional rickshaws, and economically better than auto rickshaws and other fuel variants, these rickshaws, since are battery powered have zero emission, and is often argued to be much better than other rickshaws as they are considered almost pollution free.

  • How Electric Rickshaw works?

    E Rickshaw in India are built over tubular chassis, a body is kept a light in weight in order to increase the life of the battery, the main electronic components that make the drive are motor, controller, harness, batteries and the throttle. The mismatch between any of these components is undesirable and may reduce performance.

  • How to Apply for Dealership?

    If you want to become a part of India's Growing Business Community, to Apply for dealership you can fill the form by clicking on the tab- Apply For Dealership or call us directly 8448-909256.

  • What About After Sales Service?

    Davrath is a part of GRD Motors. GRD Motors is established in market for more than 20 Years. With a trust of over 2 Decades, We believe in not just selling products, we believe in creating relations. For Quick Customer Care, One Can Reach us at 8448-909256.

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